Wild Poppy Field

Last week my friend Nicole texted me to tell me that I had to check out this dreamy little wild poppy field. She had discovered it thanks to a recent blog post by The House that Lars Built. Sold. I definitely don’t have to be told twice when it comes to fields of flowers!

I wasted no time in putting it on the schedule, knowing full well that the blooms are almost done for the season. There are few things I love as much as wildflowers!

We set out this morning ready to scout out this new-to-us spot at Lambert Park in Alpine. It was definitely an adventure trying to find it, but it was totally worth it once we finally found this hidden grove.


I’d say only about a quarter of the poppies are left, but it was still incredibly picturesque. I can only imagine what it looked like a week+ ago!


But honestly, poppies or no poppies, this place is a beautiful spot to explore with trails for hiking and biking with incredible views.


Here we are hiking in the complete wrong direction hunting for the poppies…for a very long time…and my kids were not so happy about that…


Check out The House that Lars Built for directions and a map, but even with those directions I found it to be extremely difficult to find. I’ll add a few pointers that might be helpful.

You can park at the LDS church building directly behind Lambert Park (1125 N Alpine Blvd in Alpine.) Let’s use the church as an anchor point. Immediately east of the church building is a dirt road that looks like it’s gated closed. It’s not. Walk or drive through there. You’ll basically take two lefts and then one right to get to the poppies. (Ignore the first left where the footbridge is.) This will put you just a little bit northeast of the church building. You’ll know you’re on the right road if you pass a beautiful little stable on the left that you can see in someone’s backyard. Continue on a bit and when you come to small gravel road that’s drivable turn right. It will lead you to a little grove of trees where the poppies are. You’ll know you’re in the right place if you see the remains of an old stone building and a teepee made of tree branches, and of course, poppies!

Hopefully this helps! The blooms will probably only be around for a few more days so I’d recommend going soon if you want to see them. And if you go, I’d love you forever if you’d tag @Wander_and_Scout so I can see your adventures! Have fun you guys!



Wild Poppy Field

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