Bakery Birthday Party

Emme celebrated her fourth birthday with a bakery birthday party. As if four year old girls weren’t already cute enough, throw a chef hat and an apron on them and they’ve reached all new levels of adorableness.

Emme and I had so much fun planning all of the details of this party together from the chef hats to the aprons to the cupcake wrapper garlands. Her excitement level was through-the-roof when the long-awaited day of her bake shop birthday finally arrived.


Each guest got their own chef hat. I got these hats from Amazon. They were good quality for the price and had velcro closures so they were adjustable, still a little big for a few of the girls, but they worked. Emme and I decorated them with ‘flowers’ made from cupcake liners, coffee filters, and hot glue. We wrote each guest’s name on the hat with gold stickers. (I think gold puff paint my work better.)


Emme helped me string cupcake liners and coffee filters on embroidery floss to create decorative garlands. (One of my favorite little details.)02-24-2016-21

Each guest had their own place setting with these cookie trays acting as a placemat and ‘catch all’ for the sprinkles. (2 for $1 at the Dollar Store.) The paint palettes worked great for the cupcake decorating and sprinkle/candy organization. ($1.50 each from Michael’s)


One of the many things I love about little girls is their attention to detail when it comes to this kind of thing. The girls spent at least 30 minutes frosting and carefully decorating their cupcakes. They could have spent even more time it I hadn’t run out of cupcakes


Emme and I made each of her friends an apron out of fabric scraps we had laying around.


I love four year olds decorating style so much. Just look at that masterpiece!02-24-2016-3302-24-2016-17

 I had grand plans to make homemade playdough they could roll out and use cookie cutters to shape. I also had plans for a pin-the-candle-on-the-cupcake-game, but a fussy baby helped me decide that simplifying was the best decision. In the end, the party was a success and the birthday girl was thrilled about every last detail, so I will consider that a win!

Bakery Birthday Party

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